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Favorite art projects?


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Kids (11,9,6) have all asked to do more art this year. I'm making a list of projects instead of using a curriculum and seeing how it goes. They also want more science, so if the two go together that's a bonus. So far I have:


Paper plate sun catchers/ flower mosaics

Salt dough mosaic

Build anemometer

Colorful milk

Glue sun catchers

Crisscrossing paint tape over a canvas then paint


Button bowl

Snow globe

Tooth pick painting

Dream catchers



They love painting and working with clay.

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For combined science and art I love the Arty Facts series.  I just checked on Amazon, and they are all available used.  Our library used to have some, but I ended up buying a lot of them since I checked them out so much.


We are nature journaling this summer using: Keeping a Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie for combined nature studies and art practice.  We take field guides along with us and sometimes look things up when we get home online.


We use YouTube a lot to watch video tutorials on lots of different art projects and also Usborne and other art instruction or craft skills books from the library.  Earlier this summer we were using Usborne's Art Skills book.   The Usborne books give simple instructions to a lot of different media that make really cool looking projects fairly easily.  We prefer mostly art: painting, drawing, pastels, collages, not so much crafts like you have listed above, though the Arty Facts books have some crafty stuff in them.




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We used to make corn husk dolls in the fall.  Here's a site that does it the way we did it:




We'd add colored yarn for hair (we'd usually braid 3 strands of yard together, and then pin the middle of the braid on top of the doll's head -- it would look like two long braids then).  We'd cut pieces of fabric into aprons and tye them on.  We made boy dolls too.

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