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Anyone else having trouble with the Talking Fingers website?

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I purchased access last fall, but we haven't been using it. I thought we would use it this summer, but the website isn't working for me. It loads, but it doesn't have all of the buttons so I can access my son's account. Does anyone know if the company is still active? 

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It's working fine for me.  Have you tried rebooting your computer?  Do you have enough RAM?  If your computer is older or your RAM is low, you may have problems.  

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Thank you. I rebooted, I have 8 gigs of ram, and a 2014 Mac Mini, so I don't think that computer is the problem. It still isn't displaying properly, but I got where I needed to go by randomly clicking on blank spaces until I got to where I could reset P's password. His side is working okay, so I think we're good. :)

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Hello, You want to log in the account but the page has no button for you so you just logged into your son`s account. There may be something wrong about your account such as you have to set/reset your password. Finally it it seems you have finished this problem. I noticed that you have reset your password, and this account links to many important accounts. You sure your password is safe enough? Password Manager App can create unique and important password for you. In case you're stuck for some secret key motivation then The Most Secure Password Manager will even brainstorm a protected one for you. 




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