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Guest access to Naviance

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Naviance is a college planning and tracking application that is used by many high schools across the country. One of the advantages of Naviance is the scattergram for each college (see below). The scattergram shows a graphical distribution of gpa and test scores with acceptances & rejections. This can be very beneficial in determining good college matches for your student and realistic odds of acceptance.


Anyway, I just discovered that my school district allows guest access to Naviance and the scattergrams. Apparently, it's up to each school to decide what to make available; however, this may be something worth checking out for your local private and public high schools. In addition to the scattergrams, you may also find information on: colleges, scholarship opportunities, summer enrichment, and college visits.


Googling guest password Naviance and the name of the school may help you to find out if you have access. It may also be worth checking with the local school counseling office if nothing is available online. 


If you don't have access to local schools, you can also check out information from some other large schools such as this high school in MA which allows guest access to their scattergrams (scroll down to bottom of page under For parents). This thread from Collegeconfidential also has links to some other districts with guest access.




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