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How do people use the Whole30 diet plan?


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Is it typically a total lifestyle overhaul that you stick with long-term?  Or do people use it once a year or whatever to "get clean" and then mostly go back to their regular eating habits?  Or a food elimination plan where you add in foods gradually after the first 30 days?  I guess it can be anything you want!  lol


I'm thinking of doing the latter with my dd17 who is having major stomach issues that we really thought were related to endometriosis or even ovarian cysts.  Ultrasound showed nothing.  So, we will meet with the dr. again and see what she suggests, but I'd like to research a little on diets that we could implement for her overall health.  (I'm going to ask about low FODMAP, too, because I wouldn't be surprised if there is some IBS going on...)

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