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Ocalicon (autism conference)

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Honestly probably not, I have got a wedding to go to over Veterans Day weekend, so it would be a trip two weekends in a row, so it is probably not realistic.


But I would like to go, lol!


My husband is in the field so I can't really talk about it with him right now.


Edit: It also doesn't look like they have the sessions posted? There are some things that, if they end up being sessions, I think I might really try to make it happen, b/c it can be hard to get information on some things!

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Just giving this a bump, since it's getting close!  It's only $75 for parents to go, and there seem to be some interesting sessions.  I was looking at ones on:


-using legos for instruction


-family relationships

-movement and mindfulness


-pivotal response

-replacing challenging behaviors

-teaching play

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