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(x-post) Creation Sensation lab kit for Apologia Chemistry & Physics--Anyone have a list of contents?

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I've searched online, and the only thing I can find about what is included in the Creation Sensation kit is a paragraph that says "You will get ___ and much much more. You will receive the necessary chemicals like ___ and others. Of course you will also get items like ___ plus many many items we do not have time or space to mention." I emailed the company, but I haven't received a response. I want a really complete kit, not just the most essential items (so I've ruled out the kit from Home Science Tools).
Creation Sensation

FWIW, I'm also considering this one:

Nature's Workshop (at CBD)
Have you used kits from either or both companies? Your observations? Recommendations?  Thank you!

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Have you looked at the Sonlight kit? It lists everything included in the kit.


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I looked, but this is for the Apologia high school Chemistry course. I didn't see a kit for the Young Explorers Chemistry & Physics course at the Sonlight website. Maybe I looked in the wrong place?

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