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What do I need for Saxon 8/7?


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After much grumbling, Squirrelboy has finally gone through some math placement tests and I've determined that I'll start him in Saxon 8/7. I did try placement tests as well for both CLE and Math Mammoth, but he cried over the tests and didn't seem to understand the way the material was presented, so I've decided those aren't the best programs for him.


I'm ready to buy Saxon 8/7, but I'm unsure whether I want just the homeschool kit or I also want the DIVE CDs. How useful are they? I think I should be able to teach the math, but Math is the subject Squirrelboy likes least and the one we're most likely to be in conflict over, so I'm wondering if having a computer presentation in addition to a mom presentation might be helpful. What do you think? 

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