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x-post: Which science kit for Apologia Chemistry & Physics (Young Explorers)?

ereks mom

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Which of the kits below is the most complete? I'm looking for a kit that has pretty much everything except the perishables.

I went to each vendor's website and printed off the available contents lists, but one was arranged alphabetically, one was arranged by lesson, and one was vague: "You will get ___ and much much more. You will receive the necessary chemicals like ___ and others. Of course you will also get items like ___ plus many many items we do not have time or space to mention."


So I'm needing some help here! :huh: Thanks!

Creation Sensation http://www.creationsensation.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=555&idcategory=84

Nature's Workshop (CBD) http://www.christianbook.com/apologia-chemistry-physics-lab-kit/pd/641200?item_code=WW&event=CART

Home Science Tools http://www.hometrainingtools.com/apologia-chemistry-and-physics-science-kit

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We use the kits from Natures Workshop Plus. My DS did Chemistry and Physics at the co-op so I didn't buy that kit, but we did use the one for Astronomy, human anatomy and physical science. Each modules supplies are organized together and labeled. It has worked well for us.

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