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Seeing Stars Kit - What do I NEED to buy?

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Hi everyone,


My daughter has dyslexia and is struggling with reading (but making steady, albeit slow, progress).  We recently had her attend a reading intensive and they suggested enrolling her in a Seeing Stars course.  In the one week she has been doing this intensive, we've seen great results, but the reality is that we don't have it in the budget for her to attend for the full course of the curriculum in a private setting.


I found that you can buy the curriculum and do it at home, but I'd love to know from people who have actually done the program with their child, what it is I actually need to buy?  There are so many elements and support materials, I'm wondering if all of them are truly helpful, or if it's a sales ploy to get you to buy more stuff!  (I'm sure we've all bought the whole curriculum enchilada before and seen pieces collect dust in the corner!)


I have no issue spending the money and buying all of the elements if they are really necessary (either way, it's still more affordable than the private tutoring!), but I also see no need to spend more money than I have to.  


Hopefully that makes sense!  Thanks in advance!



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I use a different program for my dyslexic, so can't help you with Seeing Stars, but wanted to let you know that you may also want to post in the learning challenges forum. I know others there have used this and/or other products from the same company.

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