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Question about Critical Thinking Co. Materials.


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I have used some of their books before and I like them. I am considering buying several books for DS11 this year. But here's what I don't understand:


For some of the materials that are meant to help a child learn inferences and reading comprehension, it shows a sample page. In one, for example, there is a description of The Dead Sea (but it doesn't say this name). From the description, it is hoped that the child will realize this is about The Dead Sea and eill then name and show which sentence best supports this conclusion. What I'm wondering is what happens if the child has never heard of The Dead Sea or doesn't recall that name? Is the instructor supposed to tell them? And then, how is this helping them understand how to make inferences?

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I did not see that sample for that book so I am not sure what you are looking at.


I have used several of their products and I can say that sometimes I do not get the answers right away.  The books can be challenging but in a good way.  


When dealing with something like this they are going to "assume" that kids in that age range have a basic knowledge based on school curriculum.  Now their books do cover several ages so it is going to be common that there will be things the student has not been introduced to yet.  If that is the case you hold off on that exercise for another year or help the student out.  I have used most of their books over a couple of years picking and choosing which activities we would do.

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