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Remedial spelling

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I tested my dd's this past month (rising 6th and 8th graders) and they did very well across the board with the exception of spelling. My 8th grader is dyslexic and has always struggled in this area and was very low. My 6th grader was just low average (30 or 40ish percentile). We've been using Spelling You See for 2 years and I have seen huge improvements in their spelling. And we will continue.


But I was considering maybe doing AAS at a fast pace or something similar as well, as a review of the rules. I'm not sure what curriculums are out there. Any thoughts? Would LofE or Apples and Pears be better?



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Unless you already own AAS that would get super expensive very quickly.


Apples and Pears or Megawords seem popular with older kids.


I fast-tracked my 12yo through Writing Road to Reading/Spalding this past school year, using an older 4th edition. He was in 7th grade. I made him start at the beginning of the word list and taught him the markings as we went. By the time the words got a little more tricky he had the markings pretty well mastered. He was already familiar with the phonograms due to having a 5yo brother that worked through a set of WRTR cards daily in the same room. Rather than thirty words a week I had him fill one side of one notebook page daily. I kept notes on words he didn't do well on and he started with those words every day until I was satisfied with how he handled them. Since the same spelling rules used on those little words apply to syllables of bigger words he never really got to a place where I felt he ought to camp and do the intended 30 words a week. His spelling grew by leaps and bounds.

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I do intend to continue SYS but I thought I might supplement with something else and/or do a spelling intensive in August before we begin our normal schoolwork.


In answer to some of the questions...we did do the Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading Level 1, 3-4 years ago and that REALLY helped with their reading. I bought level 2 but ended up not using it because it was very tied to a few novels (cross-curriculum) and I really only wanted it for reading and spelling. I do still own these though so that is an option.


Also, I have 5 more kids coming up through the ranks, so if I purchased AAS, I could use it with them, so the price does not really concern me if it would be very beneficial. Would I need the student books with my older kids or would a teacher's manual be enough?




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I am currently remediating spelling with my 12 year old.  I found that he did not need any more lists and rules; rather he needed to learn to spell in the context of writing.  So we have been doing spelling-focused dictation on the computer.  This is not SWB dictation with a focus on punctuation and lengthening your working memory.  Instead, I dictate short phrases and correct word for word as he types.  When appropriate, I remind him of the rule.  However, often he is missing the word by a single letter - the schwa, which just has to be memorized.  So we exaggerate the pronunciation to accent the schwa, and keep going.  This has been way more effective than more isolated study of spelling. We do 30 minutes a day.  Really good for him, and incredibly boring for me.  But it is what it is.  And it is very effective!  


We use his favorite novel that is at the appropriate level, and that keeps him keen and motivated. 


Ruth in NZ

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If you used PR, then you are probably pretty familiar with the phonograms. Here's what I did to help remediate my 6th grader (no dyslexia):


I pulled out WRTR, found a good starting point for him in the word list in the back.


I got a blank Spelling Journal from Spelling Power, and went through the Spalding List using Spelling Power techniques (trace it in the air with you finger, write it out, spell it with your eyes closed, check your spelling, etc)


After a several months of this, he was getting bored and needed more challenge, so I started doing studied dictation using Spelling Wisdom, level 2. He's improved to the point where he can remember most words that he asks me about in his day-to-day writing. I'm dropping spelling for next year. I'd like have him keep a word bank of words he needs to learn. But honestly, adding another thing to the day is unlikely. ;)

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