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Math After Horizons 6th grade

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My daughter has finished Horizons Y6 of math and is ready to move up to prealgebra type things.  I looked at Horizons pre-algebra and am thinking that we might move to a different course of study because I don't expect Horizons to have the full highschool math program ready by the time she needs it.  


Where did you go after doing Horizons math?  I thought about Saxon, but that is only because that is what I have heard of.  Thoughts?



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If you want to look at high school math programs, there is a pinned thread on the high school board:  http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/542418-homeschool-high-school-math/


If you want to look at prealgebra programs, there's a long thread on the logic board:  http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/342798-pre-algebra-fence-straddlers-master-thread/


I would not worry about going to a different program for algebra after prealgebra.  There is no reason to stay with the same program for all of high school (with the exception of integrated programs like Saxon).

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We tried Derek Owens and I loved him, the teaching and the format but it wasn't a good transition from Horizons. (Too slow, behind horizons and also mastery) but I'm

Keeping Derek Owens in mind For the future.


We plan to use Saxon Alg 1/2. It has a lot of critical thinking and spiral and moves pretty fast. She'll

Use the Art reed DVD because she hates reading the books. :) he is short and to the point and usually it's enough.

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We really liked Horizons prealg, for what it's worth. My Horizons kids also used some Art of Problem Solving. My teens used some Lial.


Sticking with one particular publisher for high school isn't as important as in elementary. There's a standard scope for algebra, geometry, and such. Whereas random grade 6 books could have a wide variety of content and skill levels.


This (really long) old thread covers the ins and outs of many prealg curricula. Refill your coffee before clicking.

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