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English resources in Israel

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Hi there! My friend is preparing to move her family to Israel for a year as her husband is going back home on sabbatical. They are planning to put their children in public school there, but she is especially concerned about maintaining enough English resources for her children, especially her K'er who is just now really getting into reading (e.g., Frog and Toad), and keeping her eldest daughter up to speed as she's a little behind currently. They've spent time there before but it sounds like she didn't do too much recon on English resources as they were always visiting his family and playing while on vacation. She's trying to keep costs low in terms of mailing lots of books, so I offered to ask here to see what the hive knows.


Is it possible/relatively easy to find children's books written in English in Israel? She knows her son won't get getting reading instruction as a 5-year-old in school so she wants to make sure he has opportunities at home.


Also, is it easy/possible to get access to English children's shows on tv/internet?


Her children are 7, 5, and 3 yrs old. They will be in Haifa.


Thanks in advance!



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I have no idea about what is available in Israel but I think a Kindle Fire that she can download books on might be a good resourse for her. That way she can carry one small thing as opposed to boxes of books.


Eta....youtube has many children's shows.

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I would think that looking at apps and online resources or downloadable PDFs would be the way to go to avoid postage costs?


I think there are quite a few apps where you pay a monthly subscription and have access to a great range of kids books to download. Also there are most of the classics available free online, also apps like spelling city.

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