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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Send dh off to yet another European country without me.

Swim Practice

Run paperwork through legal channels.

School & Cleaning projects/laundry the rest of the day -- alternating with planning sessions for me (Working through Western Civ, now that I have all of the parts -- except AP European History Prep materials).

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Woke up in a panic.  Argh!


Workmen here at 8

Clean kitchen

Dejunk kitchen and clean tile so they can replace counters some time this week (probably; one never nows exactly when things will happen)

Today they turn the water off for a chunk of the day to continue with plumbing

For some reason our A/C doesn't seem to be working at full power.  Could it be something they are doing with the vents?

Somehow manage to do Latin/math/Chemistry/Theology

Still have not registered 17 yo for CC

Dog desperately needs bath - stinky, stinky, stinky!

14 yo to rehearsal and back.

Not sure about dinner - maybe leftovers.


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Good morning.  My list is pretty much a leftover list from yesterday.



-work out (1 hour cardio)

-shower and get ready

-organize youngest son's WWE notebook from last year at co-op

-keep checking school website to see if oldest son's freshman schedule has been posted yet

-post office for stamps for WTM post card swap

-Publix to pick up dog's prescription

-read (History of the Rain, by Niall Williams)

-straighten kitchen

-2 (at least) loads of laundry  XXX

-get son to high school baseball game (about an hour away)

-get son to all star baseball practice

-figure out when said son is going to eat and when the rest of us are going to eat

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Walked the dog -since he woke me up 4x since 3:45, I figured I might as well take him for an early walk. At 5:00, he was barking like a mad thing at a box turtle in the back yard. He's nice, but not too smart!


To do:

Summer school



Scout shop

CSA pick up


Take Dd to church youth event and ds to the pool.

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I realized last week that I can't really do anything with this past year's school materials until the pantry gets cleaned. Sigh. So today we get started there. On a positive note, the kids have decided to go through their bins of toys and have a toy sale.


For Today:

Done Bring dh to work

Done More coffee!

Done Check music practice

Done Clean 3 refrigerator bins/shelves

Done Drink water

Collect empty boxes

Done Get started on pantry

Drink water


Youngers to music class


Lunch - soup

Dinner - ham and potato casserole - early dinner

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Good morning! I am home without a car today, so lots of little things. The girls are already off and the boys will follow in about an hour and half.


To do:

Coffee, check boards, read paper

Clean kitchen when everyone leaves

Trash/recycling out

Clean carpet stairs



Clean a couple of windows

Jen things

Confirmation Mass tonight for godchildren


Have a great day!

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Woke up in a panic.  Argh!


For some reason our A/C doesn't seem to be working at full power.  Could it be something they are doing with the vents?



Faith - we had a problem with our AC this year - we thought it was finally giving out.  I switched the filter in the furnace so it would draw in more air.  Also, it had been very humid so it had frozen up.  To "help" it, I shut all non major vents.  Apparently that's a bad thing.  Don't do it. ;)  We also went down the basement and sealed the ducts with duct tape.  It was leaking a LOT of cooled air into the basement through cracks that had never been sealed by the previous owner apparently.


It's been working great ever since. (Thank goodness - it's 20+ years old and I'd like to make it to next summer so we can replace furnace and air all at once.  It's a regular prayer of mine.)







Dress shorties (DD(3) is already in swimsuit.  That counts.)

Finish mowing lawn - we're expecting storms tonight.

Weed the evil flower bed.   (The lilies keep making babies - anyone know how to stop it????)

Finish the planning for the kids 

Break plans into steps for Group 2.

Purchase calculator for DD for Algebra

Call trash removal company and figure out which of the new plans we're going with and figure out how  to get a BIG recycling bin

School - summer "lite" version

Run to town and get stuff for "camping" chicken that DS #2 wants to make for tonight.



Check library account and see if they checked in the five items that don't show returned from yesterday.  (Really, FIVE?!)

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Good morning

- laundry- done

- fold laundry- done

- tidy house- done

- clean master bedroom- started...old desk in fire pit, tread mill in and getting other stuff put away slowly

- dishes- done

- dinner- done

- baths

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- organized brother's court papers, new desk put together and slowly putting things in

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Took dh to an appointment then dropped him off at work. That took the whole morning. Next up, take a little rest, then:

Wash any laundry
Wash bedding
Pack up everything
set all stuff that's staying with us in one safe area
set out the few things that still need to be packed
un-hook the tv and set aside the cable box and router
Help ds with scout camp pre-reqs
Sign and send lease
Mail deposit and 1st months rent
Pay wedding rental deposit
Weed walkway
Dd to appt at 6:30pm

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I am super excited.  Ds passed his college assessments and has placed into college English and college pre-calculus.  Yes, I'm bragging.  And I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief because I feel like I've passed as a homeschool high school teacher.  It only took me 5 years to get him through high school and to this point. 

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I had everything so well planned.  I had a meeting from 8:30-12:30 and my kids had camp from 9:30-4:00.  I arranged to drop the kids at a hotel where some other camp families are staying, so they could geta ride and I could get to my meeting more or less on time.  WELL I had driven about 5 minutes when I realized I had left my phone at home.  I thought I had packed it in my bag, because I told myself to do so, so I saw myself doing it.  :/  So I had to drive back home.  Then the freeway was like a parking lot.  I ended up telling the nice people who offered a ride to go ahead to the camp without my kids, rather than risk making them late.  I was even late to my meeting.  I made my kids sit on the floor in the back for a while and then I "took a break" to drive them to camp.  I used my phone's map system, but there was a mistake and it told me to turn left instead of right.  By the time I figured this out, I was 12 minutes in the wrong direction.  UGH so then I ended dropping them off late and getting back to my meeting late.  However, I told myself I was just going to pretend none of that happened!


I got some work out during the meeting, so that was good.


The list:

  • Did not get up early as planned.  Needed the sleep!
  • Got a little work out once I did get up.
  • Non-straightforward trip to meeting / camp (see above)
  • Work at boring meeting!
  • Free lunch after meeting.
  • Go home and work some more.
  • Go get kids & come home & work some more while kids snack.
  • Kids to library to pick up audiobook on reserve.
  • Kids to gymnastics & listening to audiobook.
  • Work at gymnastics.
  • Kids will want to eat after gymnastics.
  • KIds to bed.
  • Work.
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