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DD has insomnia occassionally....

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For example, she says that she couldn't sleep last night and that she was up until 4:00 a.m. (trying to sleep but couldn't). So naturally she couldn't get up at 7:00 for school this morning. She sleep until 10:30. This doesnt happen all the time but occassionally she experiences this. But it does seem like it is happening more often. She is almost 14. I am wondering if this is part of her being a teenager. If it is, is there anything we can do about it? Has anyone else's child experienced this?



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This sounds like me. :) I have trouble falling asleep most nights, no matter how tired, and trouble waking up in the morning. This was definitely way worse in my teens than it is now. I haven't found anything fabulously effective, but the following sometimes help:


I read somewhere that if you don't fall asleep within the first half hour or so, to get up and read a boring book until you feel sleepy, then try again.


There is a homeopathic product I found at Fred Meyer called "Moon Drops" which works when I use it. I only use it rarely, though, because I don't want to have to rely on something to help me sleep, and falling asleep with something sweet in my mouth makes me worry about my teeth.


I hope others have some good suggestions.



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I started having insomnia as a teenager..........around 14-15yo and I still have it 20 some years later. I have learned to work around it by......watching my caffeine intake after 11am.....same with chocolate......I try not to watch tv or do something stimulating and then try to go to bed........reading to relax helps.........taking a hot bath.......Melatonin works for some........Sleepytime tea.......


I believe it is definitely hormonal, but make sure your daughter isn't stressed out as that can aggravate it further. Also learning biofeedback techniques helped me when I was a teen. Learning how to slow my heartrate with purposeful breathing and relaxation techniques.

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This is entirely normal for a teenager. There was a study several years ago saying that teenagers naturally stayed up late and needed to have a lie in in the morning. They recommended that high-school start later. Of course that never happened :rolleyes:

My neighbours daughter rarely got up before twelve at weekends. She is very bright and went onto study medicine and was at concert level for flute and piano. She got plenty done (we often heard her practice instruments at eleven at night (she was so good we didn't mind :)). Her mother is a GP and she just accepted it as normal.

I think all the advice here is perfect. Google 'sleep hygiene' which is a favourite term of sleep disorder clinics, for more advice.

Here is an excellent forum where you can ask questions and check there is no underlying problem:


If nothing works, she might as well be taking advantage of her awake time and doing what my neighbour did!

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I personally would not let her sleep in. That will only make this a habit. I think that all members of the family, including teens, need to keep a schedule that is in harmony with everybody else. On any given day, who wouldn't rather sleep in?


Some ideas:


No media after 6pm - this is really stimulating. Have her read instead


Keep a steady bed/wake time all week - even on week-ends


Try Sleepy Time tea - there is even a more potent version with Valerian root


Make sure she is exercising to exhaustion every day


Eliminate caffeine - diet Coke, chocolate, coffee, etc


If sleep is a continuing problem, you can also try a sleep aid, such as Benedryl, valerian root, or 5-htp for occasional use, with your doctor's OK. Sleep deprivation leads to crankiness, inattention, bad attitude, etc. No fun!!!!


Hope you find something that works.

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