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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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  • Up about 5:30 to work.

Drive kids to culture camp (need to arrive by 9:15).

Work.  Lots of work.  Stressful conference call coming up - maybe more than one.  UGH.

A little reading.

Kids' work.

Kids to tennis.

More kids' work.



Kids to bed.


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Good morning!


Workmen arrive at 8 to con't work on bathroom reno

Wake kids

Breakfast school out on the porch

Kids work on their rooms

10:00 carpet guy is coming to measure for new carpets in bedroom, hall and stairs.  



grocery shopping 

17 yo has physical training

14 yo has rehearsal

baby sit little 8 month old - last time for the summer.

Somehow at some point work on my Theology stuff - didn't get to it yesterday.  Yikes!


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Kids off to school (4more days)
Go back to bed for a little nap
Open a couple boxes to find a couple things that I should have set aside

Tape the boxes back up!
Drop off to Goodwill
Order wedding items

send a bunch of emails

Call to cancel phone, water, electric

set up carpet cleaning appointment

take ds to soccer shop with friend
Call about rental to make sure it is still happening
Call for hair appointment
I hate phone calls...
Dd to airport at noon
Call bank to let them know dd will be traveling and using her card
Go for a run/walk
drink all my water

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Good morning!  My youngest is off at my parents for the week so it will at least be quiet around here, LOL.



-work out (1 hour of pyramid style lower body weights - ugh.  An hour of squats, lunges, leg press and deadlifts)

-call tutor for oldest

-call Fitbit because Flex won't charge anymore (grrrr....it has already been replaced once and I am getting so sick of this design flaw)

-laundry (at least 5 loads, including one full of stinky baseball clothes)

-straighten up kitchen

-find all of youngest son's writing assignments from the past year and get them organized by week in a notebook

-take oldest to high school summer baseball practice (5-7)

-take oldest to all star summer baseball practice (7-10)


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Some laundry to fold and put up.

Bathrooms to clean.

Sprinkling and vacuuming.

Meghan's tutor from 11-1

Lawn care coming sometime today

General straightening throughout the house

One of these days I need to tackle the classroom.  :scared:

Dinner is sweet mango jalapeno ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, turnip greens-yum! black eyed peas.


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Home at last. Great meets, some seriously fast swimming by dd2 and ds3. Today is a catch up sort of day.


To do:

Practice (errands for dd2- she is going to the water park in between practices)


Pick up dd1


Clean house

Start planning for next trip (Trials!!! )

Finish buying some things for dd1 (College!!!)



Have a great day!

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We didn't do much this weekend, and the house has taken on a distinctly Rumpled Look. :/ I had a proper breakfast instead of coffee and am ready to make things go.



yard work




promote the general neatness

kitty litter


grocery store

bake something - made yogurt instead

dinner - fish, rice, broccoli

trash, recycling


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I started tackling before making a list. Now I'm ready for a nap. :D


For Today:

Done Bring dh to work

Done Clean basement area

Done Sweep

Done Check on instrument practice

Done Laundry area

Done Laundry

Done Hard-boil some eggs

Done More organizing downstairs hall stuff

Done Do some basic jungle-garden whacking

Done Clean microwave

Done Pick up dh from work

Done Go to store to look at refrigerator


Lunch - egg salad, fruit

Dinner - tacos, mixed veggies, green salad

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I started tackling before making a list. Now I'm ready for a nap. :D



I do this often! Makes me feel productive to have things already crossed off.  ;)


My list:


School  - Summer school term begins today for us. Just mornings. Math, science, and reading for all, plus cursive for Ds and spelling for dd. Serious work to get us back into routine this morning. Hoping it will get easier.




Target for Ds to buy new goggles and spend some birthday money. We NEED new Nerf swords as all 14 of ours are apparently defective! And we actually do need water guns.  :thumbup1:


Pool with friends



Dinner - burgers, jalapeno poppers and something with zucchini and yellow squash. 

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Breaking down "school planning" into mini steps


Blank planner pages made with subjects

Choose spines for science

Choose spines for history

Make reading lists for Lit

Make reading lists for historical literature

Decide on writing scope and sequence for Group 1 and Group 2

Decide on the grammar plan for Group 1 and Group 2

Break down spines into weekly assignments  - 12 weeks

Match up historical lit.



I do not love planning.  I love looking at plans.  This is such a switch from years ago when I loved the drudgery of the actual planning.  


I do love the excuse for the 2nd cup of coffee.  Let's add that to the list!!!


Make coffee

2nd cup of coffee



OOh!  And I finally got "really" dressed, let's add that and cross it off!


Get dressed

Make a plan for dinner

Take meat out of freezer

Dress and feed little humans

Email lady you want to plan a day with about homeschooling

Email DD about AmeriCorps because it's interesting

Email DH about the state U online engineering masters program

Check ACT for the 102nd time to see if scores came out early.



I adore padding the list.  It makes me look so productive.   :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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Been fairly productive so far today. Hopefully I can keep it up.


-coffee done

-breakfast done

-read aloud done

-thinking skills done

-math done

-geography done

-snack done

-phonics done

-vacuum done

-create weekly checklist done

-clean kitchen done-ish


-vacuum. Again. The boys spilled chips on the floor. Done.


Dinner- Lazy lasagna.

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Maybe my to do list should have looked like this:



Clean house

 internet repair man coming in PM.




It would have been good to have #1 on the list and realize #2 is on the list.



And, might I add, NO he did NOT break his neck slipping on Bananagram tiles all over my bedroom floor.




But, in my time of putting off planning I did manage to put up a screened tent in the backyard for daytime summer fun school, lol.


Have i mentioned I don't feel like planning?  :P :D

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So. . . how did he break his neck? :leaving:

Lol! It may or may not have been on all the shoes in the entry way. Really, I need to use a calendar.


Congratulations to you and DS on the new job!!! That is so exciting!

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