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Chris in VA

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I stopped in a parking lot and wrote this little poem down yesterday, and I would like to share, if you don't mind. It is called, "When I Knew"




The night we said, "Yes,"


And you said


You wouldn't hurt her


and stated your intentions with quiet confidence


And I knew more had begun


Than either of you realized



And the night after your first


"official date"


When she talked about you til 1 am


And in her eyes I saw her whole heart


As she marveled that you would choose her



And when you brought the rose


And saw her in her gown


You could scarcely speak


And she flew at you


And kissed you


Right in front of me



And here,


The night you have to say goodbye


And the fire burns bright as stars


But not as bright


As hope


As love





I hope you like it. It isn't edited or anything.

I love it!

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Thank you, guys. He's a pretty awesome young man, and has a lot of integrity and self-sacrificing attitude ( not sure how to say that, exactly). They are so young, but even if he isn't "the one," he has shown my daughter such a love that she will probably never settle for less. That brought her and even dh and me a measure of healing that is quite beautiful.

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