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Do I need anything else in my 3rd grade ELA plan?


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Here is what I have for sure,


- Apples and Pears spelling

- Finish up AAR 3. - dd is a strong reader, but 1/2 way through 2nd grade she went to PS so we never finished the AAR3 we were working on. I would like to finish it, but not go on to level 4. I think she is a strong e enough reader, plus I am starting AAR1 with ydd and it's too much of my time to do 2 levels of AAR at the same time.

- Writing strands


Do I need some grammar? Any suggestions? It should take us about 2 or 3 months to finish AAR 3. I plan to just have her read after that.



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You don't *need* grammar, but it is a good age for adding it. :) You might consider First Language Lessons 3 or Rod and Staff English 3.


FWIW, my rising third grader will use Treasured Conversations (grammar/writing), Rod and Staff spelling, and a pile of good children's literature. I might get her another cursive copybook to go with it.

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