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FYI: AoPS book (softcopy + online) more expensive than combo with solution manual

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I ordered just the book and online version for youngest as I already had the solutions manual when ordering the book for oldest. My oldest boy's textbook is too worn out for hand me down.


Intermediate Algebra soft copy textbook + online book = $59 + $64 = $123

Intermediate Algebra soft copy textbook + online book + soft copy solutions manual = $83


The combo with the solutions manual is $40 cheaper.


I sent an email to AoPS to let them know that their pricing is making me buy combos next time to save $40 and have extra solutions manuals. They sent me the wrong book so I had to email them for wrong shipment anyway.

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I'm curious what their answer will be!

Richard kindly credit me the difference which I was willing to absorb since it was my fault :) He said it would likely be too confusing to add one more option. So I would just use the combo option in the future.


We find the online books very convenient when we are at the library during heat waves. My oldest could easily review whatever might have slip his mind.

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