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Recommend horse books for 15yo

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Trying to interest her in reading.  She liked fantasy a couple years ago (princess stories), but has lost interest in reading.  I saw the Heartland series, and thought she'd like that since she likes the TV show, but I see that is for 8-12yos. (Still going to try one.)  Anything appropriate for a bit older?

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So, you are looking for teen horse fiction?  Here are some she might enjoy, if she's not read them yet:

  • Marguerite Henry books
  • Black Stallion series
  • Phantom Stallion series
  • Black Beauty
  • National Velvet


Does she just like horse stories, or does she also ride?  Instead of fiction, she might like reading instruction works by great riders/trainers.  Even if she doesn't ride in the same style or compete in the same type of event, she will learn things she can apply to her own riding. You may be able to find some of these in your library or on Amazon/ebay.  If not, your library may have others that would interest her.

  • Classical Riding with George H. Morris
  • Reflections on Riding and Jumping: Winning Techniques for Serious Riders by William Steinkraus
  • Riding Logic: Transform Riding Skills to Art on Horseback with Classical Lessons in Flatwork and Jumping by Wilhelm Müseler
  • The De Nemethy Method by Bertalan De Nemethy
  • Anne Kursinski’s Riding and Jumping Clinic by Anne Kursinski with Miranda Lorraine




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The original My Friend Flicka trilogy.  It is so much better than the stupid movie they recently made.  Wonderful writing, deep character development, really engaging.  The first is My Friend, Flicka, second is Thunderhead and the third book is Green Grass of Wyoming which I think might be out of print.  Here's a link to it on Amazon and below you can see links to the first two books.



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I'd second the My Friend Flicka series. Another author she might enjoy is Dorothy Lyons. Walter Farley, who wrote the Black Stallion books also wrote a series about Flame, a wild stallion descended from spanish horses marooned on an island in the Caribbean. If she's interested in a particular breed, you might look for something on breed history. Arabians are very cool, but other breeds have fascinating histories too. Or she could read about a particular horse sport - endurance, driving, steeplechasing. Oh, and Dick Francis mysteries are set in the British horse-racing world, altho' you may want to pre-read them. There are a couple series about Brumbies (the wild horses of Australia) that are very cool as well, one by Elyne Mitchell that I loved in my teen years.

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