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REWARDS reading and daily schedule

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Hi!  I have 4 kiddos, but my question is in regards to my youngest 3.  I have 2 10 year olds and a 13 year old.  My 13 yo dd has global learning delays and issues so i lump her i with my other 2.  my other 2 are also (non diagnosed) dyslexic.


Anyway...i need some insight to help me make things realistic.  i always want to do too much and then MY school schedule is 8 hours without even a potty break .  lol


So, my 2 of my kids finished aar4.  My son (10) was a late reader so he just finished aar3 but has flown through it and hasn't struggled much with it. 


None of them are ready to fly on their own in regards to decoding.  so  i would like to do something as a group.  I have decided to do REWARDS.   I also do apples and pears spelling.  right now i have it that I would do REWARDS plus have them do outloud reading as a group, but I'm wondering if that is too much (I always tend to do too much ;)   and that is what is making my day a bit too long right now.  so for those that have used it. ...how did you do it?  Did you do REWARDS and that was the end of their reading time with you ?  ( I will still be having them silent read).


Also, has anyone else used REWARDS with multiple children at the same time?


I am going into my 6th year of homeschooling and you would think that I would have learned to only focus on one thing at a time, but I want to do it all and thus my times of burnout:)


I hope i make sense.  Anyone that has any other suggestions on how you handled multiple kids with reading challenges...would love to hear!


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To me, Rewards is enough by itself...plus it's a short program, so you can do something else when you're done with it. I'm doing Rewards Secondary with my 10 yo who I believe has stealth dyslexia. The first 12 lessons took about 15 mins each, and the others are taking 25-30 mins. That is more than enough for me. I am getting burned out actually between working with her and her brother. I also have a 7 yo with dyslexia and spend 20-30 mins a day working on reading with him. I don't know how people keep this up for years and years.

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Thank you so much for your reply @caedmyn !that sounds VERY doable for me!  I have been doing multiple levels of all about reading and spelling for 4 years....and yes.  I feel so done and just want something different.  thanks also for making me feel normal:)  Sometimes I feel like a wimp because I am tired of teaching phonics:))

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