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Our biggest food fundraiser...done!


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We get a bit better each time we do these (learning man-power/space issues, organization).  My only real complaints have to do with limited to non-existent help setting up/tearing down (plenty of people were there for the during); and advertising support (families getting the word out).  I'll try not to rail on FB posts as a means of mass communication for events here ;)  


What was most surprising, is the number of scout families who stopped by and said, "I had no idea this was going on."  I've sent out at least a dozen emails over the past three months for this -- specifically.  Plus there were weekly announcements, an announcement at the Court of Honor on Saturday, it's posted to the Facebook Page, listed as an event, and on the published calendar.  


The high school principal invited us back next year, and said he would make sure it got into all of the school announcements (we had an issue with that this year).


We received hundreds of happy compliments/thanks for the excellent food (it is a pretty stellar copy of CFA).  The majority of the boys working the line did an excellent job (making food for 500 people in about 3 hours is no small task).  Most of the adults working with me noticed that I didn't get bent out of shape or fly off the handle (one of the other Troop Cooks does, but it's actually more of a cultural thing, I think).  I've spent lots of time training people how to cook/steps -- and it takes a lot for me to just lose it (someone has to just be relentlessly pushing away at my buttons).  We do have some inventory left, so we're going to do a follow-up at the working base (we did this one at the school) -- the working base is already excited.


After all is said and done, we will gross close to $8,000 (the net takes a little longer to figure out, plus we will collect more donations to offset costs).  It's about 18 hours of work, total between the two dates.  Not too bad :D


The worst thing that happened, was my son threw away my good dishes.  We're heading back to the base this morning to see if they can be retrieved.


Relieved that it's over -- but this will mean that we'll hit half our annual goal in 18 hours vs. last year's 60.



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