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Outfitting teens for World Youth Day


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Any advice?  My 17 yo isn't going with a regular youth group.  He's going with his older brother and three other people who all work for this small homeless ministry.  One is a seminarian.  But we don't have the support of a youth group that has done this before.  I have no idea where they are staying or anything.  Anyone have kids go to WYD?  What did they pack?  What did they wish they had packed?



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I went once. It was amazing. 

My advice is pack light. Check out the weather ahead of time. Make sure to have one "easy on easy off" church outfit.  (I took a skirt that I just carried in my backpack every day. I just slipped it over my shorts as needed.) I recommend good walking shoes and a water bottle. Take the lightest sleeping gear you can. 

Find out what's been done to accommodate the people. As in, when I went, they had added extra buses to make sure there were enough. But it wasn't advertised and everyone just was using the subway. Which made it extra crowded, as the organizers planned for buses to handle some of the crowds.

Also try to befriend one of the volunteers from the host country. We got to know one of the ones serving at the school we slept in. And it was fabulous. He gave us tours when he could. He took us to his house for a home-cooked meal by his mom. He was able to give tips on best times to see things/easiest ways to travel/good directions. He was an invaluable resource.

I hope they have a great time!

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HI barnwife!  Thanks for responding.  It's going to be in Poland and it looks like it doesn't get too hot there in July (77 degrees?). Rain might be more of an issue.  However, I looked up weather for Paris in France and it also said high of 77 but when we were there a few years ago in the summer, it was so humid that between the humidity and the jet lag, I could barely move!  So I am still not sure what to advise him to pack.  


For guys, are jeans ok to wear into church or should he have another pair of pants?


Thanks again!

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I don't know if churches in Poland have dress codes. If there are, it's probably of the "cover your shoulders, cover your knees" variety. But, I'd probably try and have one pair of khakis or something. (Disclaimer: I definitely am a "dress up for church" person.) FWIW, when I went, it was supposed to be hot. But...no one knew it was going to be record-breaking hot there. 

Is there a church with a group going that you could call and ask if they have a suggested packing list? Have you checked the WYD site?

If there might be rain, definitely pack an umbrella/rain coat/poncho. 


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