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Sky Science for 7 year old

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My DD7 is fascinated by clouds and is always pointing out to me what she can see in the sky. She has always been interested in planes, still lets me know when a plane is coming. And when she was younger, she had a keen interest in the solar system and astronauts. She still wants to be a pilot, has since she was about 3yrs old.


I am looking for a science program to do with her, or even a resource to teach her about clouds. Or a great resource to follow her interests of these items in the sky!


I am at a loss at where to begin :/


A couple of years ago I used Apologias Astronomy book as a read aloud with everyone.

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The Kids Book of Weather Forecasting is a good one for that age. :)


I keep topical encyclopedias on the shelf for interests too. You might look for one on weather, earth science, astronomy, and such. Used bookstores usually have a decent selection. Here's a weather one for a penny plus shipping on Amazon.


(When she turns twelve get her into Civil Air Patrol!)

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