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7 year old wants to learn Greek... Advice needed

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My 7 year old asked me yesterday if be could please learn Greek. We talked about the differences between Greek and English and his reasons for wanting to learn and I'd like to give him some exposure so he can decide if it fits for him or not.


Ideas for Greek curriculum for a grade 2 student who loves learning and tends to pick things up fairly quickly. His Dad or I would be learning alongside him as neither of us have any prior Greek experience.

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I tried doing Greek in undergrad, but struggled so much with Latin that I had to rethink that... :)


First, determine if he wants to learn Classical/Attic Greek (Plato, Aristotle), Koine Greek (New Testament), or Modern Greek. There may be other types, but I know those three aren't the same. :) If you're specifically looking for historic Greek, the general recommendation is to learn the Classical/Attic dialect, and if you have that solid foundation, you can handle Koine Greek with a few adjustments. But I think most of the early-elementary resources tend towards the Koine Greek.


The second would depend whether or not he already knows his Greek alphabet. I remember when I was learning Japanese, it was easy as long as I was dealing with romaji (Romanized words), but once we accelerated into hiragana (phonetic characters), there was a whole lot of stumbling because I had to stop and think about each character, rather than reading the words in front of me. ("Is that a wa? A chi? Let me check my chart...") If I was starting with a second grader, I'd want them to be able to fluently associate the Greek letters with their phonetic sounds before we started getting too deeply into an emphasis on vocabulary and grammar.


If you want to do Koine Greek at the elementary level, "Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!" is well-recommended. Or you might try something like A Greek Hupogrammon to take baby steps of learning that foundation. If he's more advanced than that already, you might consider jumping into free online lessons like those at Kypros.com. Good luck!

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