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Banana Boat Sunscreen no longer working as well?(update post 1)


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I bought a new bottle of it and it doesn't seem to be working as well. I can feel it rubbing off in the pool, it just runs right off if I get even a bit splashed. And I got out of the sun today and wearing SPF 50, with a hat, I was still showing significant sun exposure, with less than 90 minutes in the sun. Probably less than an hour. I've never had this before...Banana Boat Sport has always worked for me for the last 10 years. But googling found this recent article: http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/banana-boat-takes-heat-sunscreen-buyers-see-red/2919084/


Thinking I need something new. Something water resistant that won't sting the kids' eyes, and will rub in decently and not leave me glowing white. 30 SPF. Something that really works, as I am a strawberry blonde with freckles and blue eyes :)


UPDATE: So, turns out I'm an idiot. I totally forgot that the antibiotic I'm taking makes you hyper sensitive to the sun!!!!! I was on Doxy for a week, during which time is when I had the sun issues. I was already off of it for about 24 hours yesterday, but google tells me it takes 4-10 DAYS to get our of your system! So duh, no wonder I thought the stuff didn't work! 


Another clue would be that the kids, also wearing it, didn't get sunburnt at all. 


so yeah...Katie needs to pay more attention, but the sunscreen is probably fine. I AM going to go back and get the 30 SPF though as it feels like it absorbs better, so it doesn't wash off as easily in the water. And will keep the rest of the ones mentioned as back up if this happens again after the antibiotics are out of my system!

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I have a very fair skinned friend, and she swears by blue lizard. She grew up in Australia and burns easily.....she tells me nothing works better. I can't speak from direct personal experience, because I just bought our first bottle to try this summer. But I am encouraged by the reviews; we are excited to try it.

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I've never burned with the No Ad SPF 50 sport stuff. It's thicker, so a bit of a pain to get everywhere, but it does the job. I'm a fair, freckled redhead.



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I like bull frog and blue lizard. They do work great.

However, I usually buy No-Ad 15 or 30 for budget reasons. I don't like the way 50 feels. I would rather reapply more often.


This seems to confirm my opinion that the 50 sPF I bought is the reason it feels different. I'll go back to my normal 30 SPF. 


No-Ad did get good rankings from consumer reports, as did Equate Walmart generic brand, and the Banana Boat I always use. 

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