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Favorite online schedule ap for the phone? (not Apple based)


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Todoist. It can sync with email. When I enter stuff while I am out, it shows up as an email as well.

It's like a portable notepaper. You can enter things for any date. If you want to pay for the upgraded version, you'd get alarms, and a few more bells and whistles.

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Google calendar.  Everyone in the family uses it, and I have additional calendars for family activities and meals.  Everyone/everything has its own color so it's very easy to see what's going on.   Now that everyone has a smart phone, everyone can check it while on the run.   Plenty of options for alerts and reminders too.  So easy. 


(I don't use the meal calendar all the time, but I should - I just plug in my meal plan for the day, choosing the "all day" setting so it just shows up in a bar on the top of the day.  Even if I haven't made a plan, after the fact I'll put in what we did eat that night, which helps me manage leftovers.  No more "hmmm... what night did we eat chili?  Oh, can't remember, better throw it out.")

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