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Any opinions of "Kids Discover?"


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We signed up for a free subscription to the website.  We've just started using it - mainly for Revolutionary War stuff.  We like it so far.  We also have quite a few of their hard-copy magazines but I don't think we've received any new ones in quite a while.


I agree with the older elementary.  My dd can usually handle the readings on the website but the magazines tend to have denser print and give her trouble.

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We have a bunch of the hard copy magazines we found used at a book sale---and by a bunch, I mean about 50 or so.  DD really enjoys them.  I like that there are teaching guides and vocab guides if I want to use them.  So far, we've found them to be really interesting reading. 


Small note---the hard copies are old, and so some of the information is slightly out of date.  

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