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Christ centered curriculum reading?


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The way they teach phonics is very similar to Abeka's phonics. The phonics cards teach some doctrine and scripture. An example is for "A" The little verse to memorize is, "To remain in Adam all will die, but in Christ eternal life is nigh." Then on the back there is a little story. As levels progress, it adds in spelling. I like the way they do syllabication. It's very thorough and complete.

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Rose- I've looked at R and S and I just don't seem to like the way reading is taught. I just don't think I would like it.


CLE ltr is on my list of maybe. At this point it feels like there might be too much with cle. I don't think I want so much workbook, and markings.


My time is very limited for doing school so looking at ccc I thought I could double up on some Bible too. I am taking learning to read in English slowly as we are also learning to read in second language first since it is very phonetic and going slowly in reading with English.


Maybe I should look at ABeka too.


I don't want to start with a Spalding method of learning to spell. I think that will be too much. I have looked at several. But I want strong phonetics.

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One thing that you can do is use the R&S Bible and Nurture Readers without the worksheets to supplement whatever other program you end up choosing. I would think that Alphaphonics, which takes about 10 minutes per day plus the B&N Readers would be a manageable approach. This is basically what I'm doing right now with my 5yo. I find the rampant US patriotism of Abeka nauseating. It's very much American Christianity with all it's pitfalls.

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