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Green Tea Extract May Reduce Down Syndrome Symptoms


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In a year-long clinical trial, the treatment led to improved scores on memory and behaviour tests, they reported in a study, published in the The Lancet Neurology.


The positive impact remained six months after the trial ended.

Brain scans revealed that the compound, called epigallocatechin gallate, altered the way neurons in the brain connect with one another.

"This is the first time that a treatment has shown efficacy in the cognitive improvement of persons with this syndrome," said Mara Dierssen, senior author of the study and a researcher at the Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona.

While significant, she added in a statement, the results should not be interpreted as a "cure".


I hope there will be more studies done to replicate this one. 

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Well that's interesting! 


Eta, the EGCG Down Syndrome study is here http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26964795.  This is interesting:

We found that, during NPC proliferation, mitochondrial bioenergetics and mitochondrial biogenic program were strongly compromised in Ts65Dn cells, but not associated with free radical accumulation. These data point to a central role of mitochondrial dysfunction as an inherent feature of DS and not as a consequence of cell oxidative stress. Further, we disclose that, besides EGCG, also the natural polyphenol resveratrol, which displays a neuroprotective action in various human diseases but never tested in DS, restores oxidative phosphorylation efficiency and mitochondrial biogenesis, and improves proliferation of NPCs. These effects were associated with the activation of PGC-1α/Sirt1/AMPK axis by both polyphenols





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My fibro and chronic fatigue has been helped some by addressing mitochondria dysfunction. I need to be more aggressive in my approach though. Thank for the info.



Would you mind sharing what has worked for you? I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at one point, although I have improved enough to no longer have that label. In other words, I have "leveled up" to mostly adrenal/digestive/insomnia issues rather than the never ending fatigue I used to have.

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