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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Email/Advertising work for CFA Day (Chick-fil-A Day).  Announcements on AFN (yay), FB posts, Email blasts.

Gather and set up all of my tools needed for Wednesday's preparations (800 servings of CFA style sandwiches and nuggets...should be an interesting shopping trip.  I ordered the main food 6 weeks ago).

Run paperwork for a weekend bake sale (a carrier is coming to port, wish I could have done CFA then!)

Check Troop supplies

Speech Therapy

Pick up items from commissary (personal)

Return library books



Load car for Wednesday.

DH prep tools/equipment for Thursday (because it always takes him longer than he thinks it will)

Kill more mice. (Construction around us has sent them here.  One met it's end in the 3rd story bathroom this morning -- we aren't sure how many are in the house, just that they exist.  I want to get a cat -- even if it's an outdoor cat, a cat might also scare away the pigeons).

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-workout (one hour of cardio - step, step blasts, and HiiT all rolled into one)

-shower and get ready

-straighten up kitchen

-laundry (2 loads) X

-get ready for a visit from my parents

-dinner (teriyaki pork tenderloin, baked potatoes, and salad)

-take DS1 to high school baseball practice (5-7:30) and all star baseball practice (6:45-9:45)


ETA this gem:  take oldest (who has a learner's permit) out to practice driving my big Navigator (so far he has only driven the Honda Accord...and only with DH....)  :driving:  :scared:  :willy_nilly:  

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Woke up a bit late.  


Bible/meditation - done

Tidy kitchen

get dressed before workmen come!

wake kids/breakfast school



Theology studies

at some point need to run to international market (our guest's birthday is today and she wants to cook us dinner!)

Also want to go get ice cream cake for dessert tonight

do stuff around the house

get all the stuff needed to register 17 yo at community college

Not sure what else


Have a great day!

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Good morning!


For Today:

Done Bring dh to work

Done Check on music practice

Done Bring dd to work

Done Email choir director

Done Grocery shopping

Done Put away laundry

Tidy corner

Youngers to summer orchestra

(Have ds pick up dh and dd from work)


Lunch - build-your-own-nachos

Dinner - pasta w/chicken & broccoli

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Copying "tackle Monday" undones and adding some: 


Get son to clean boys' bathroom

Sweep living room

Dust living room

Clean master bath vanity

Clean floor of master bath

Clear off coffee table

Go through boxes  1 2 3 4 5 (That's a lot--shooting high)

1 hr aerobics  (Not sure how I'm going to do this. Got up early to do it and there was an air quality advisory already. Ugh.) 

Plan and make dinner

Clean out fridge

Go purchase herbs

Duolingo Spanish 2 sets of 15 min

Duolingo German 2 sets of 15 min

Duolingo French 1 lesson 

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Good morning

- tidy house- round 1 done

- laundry- done

- fold/put away laundry

- dishes- not enough for a load yet

- start master bedroom deep clean

- dinner- Cooking

- put meat in freezer- done

- baths/showers

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- sewed on some of dd1's brownie patches (I hand sew, don't own a machine and they don't like me. Tried ironing them on but they just fall off), nap with dd2

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Good morning!


Hoping my summer will slow down this week so that I get a chance to breathe!



library - renew books, pick up

menu planning



fill the bird feeder

make list for summer term school

make list for next year's school planning

make list for tomorrow's errands across town

send reminder for Ds' birthday party

supervise kids' chores


pool in the evening, take supper (sandwiches) 



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Good morning! I am home today without a car which is so much better than yesterday running around like a crazy person.


To do:

Waiting for a call back from the plumber (sigh)

Girls are gone for the day

Ds1 and ds3 about to leave for the day

Packing with ds2

Filling out paperwork for ds2

Bills (sigh)

Clean bathrooms (up next)

General pick up and house stuff

Jen things

Dh does the judo run


Have a great day!

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  • Did not wake up early as planned.
  • A little laundry.
  • Got the kids to zoo camp.
  • Clean kitchen, bathroom, some clutter.
  • Pet care.
  • Working

To do:

  • More work.
  • A little reading.
  • Need to call friend whose birthday was yesterday.  :(  It was such a crazy day, I hardly had a chance and when I did, I forgot about it.
  • More laundry.
  • Pay bills, send letter(s).
  • Kids from zoo camp to dinner to gymnastics.
  • Work at gymnastics.
  • Kids' work at home.
  • Read-aloud.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.

Today I hopefully finished work on a "big closing."  We re exiting a troubled transaction that was quite a headache.  Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Here's hoping all the wires go through.  :)

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