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Have a room for rent for homeschooling parent

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We are homeschool family and once upon a time one of us was a homeschooling mom becoming a single mom wanting to continue to homeschool my kids but couldn't. We would like to provide this opportunity to other homeschooling single moms.


We have a room for rent for a homeschool mom and child or two rooms for homeschool mom and children. Share in a large house with another homeschooling family with kids ranging 3 to 14 yrs. We would like to build a supportive community. We are located in the hills of San Leandro,CA East Bay Area of San Francisco Bay Area . We do have pets so we ask no more pets be brought into this house.


We offer: room , bathroom, kitchen and common areas , laundry room and to watch /help your child and assist with assignments that you have set up while you are in school and/work. This allows you to homeschool your child when you are available but your child continues to stay in a homeschool environment and is included in our homeschooling activities such as park days when you need to work or go back to school. In return for including your child in our day, my children have a playmate other than each other as well as have help time to time for emergency childcare when you are available or I can have a date night with my husband.

We are with Connecting Waters Charter School that helps provide funding for supplies and curriculum as well as extra curricular activities. That may be helpful for you.

Room is $650 which includes utilities and cleaning supplies such as toilet paper etc. First last $250 deposit. Optional meal plan

Two rooms double the price.

We are a nonsmoking drinking drugs household. No late nights and no overnight guests other than your children. It's important to maintain a safe and family oriented household.

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Yes, unfortunately not getting any hits and anyone that inquires are wierdos and can't really afford it or into drugs and drinking a lot. A lot of people lie I have learned.

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Hi, happycc,


I just joined this message board, and happened upon your post.  I'm almost embarrassed to make this suggestion, because we only lived in the Bay Area for one year (last year), and you've been there a while, I assume, and probably already know this--but still, I'll post just in case you still haven't found anyone to rent your room:  When we were getting ready to move to the area, I found such a lot of great information on the Berkeley Parents Network (  People posted there from all over the place; and through it I even ended up finding a Tiny House community I could stay in while I was house hunting for my family (and the people were lovely!).  


Again, probably something you've used already; but I thought I'd put it out there anyway.   

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