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Looking for some vowel cards - ideas?


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My daughter wants vowel cards, but not just flash cards with the vowel; she's looking for cards that have items that start with each of the short vowels so she can put them out when they are studying that vowel sound.


Anyone know of anything like this, or is she just going to need to make her own?

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Actually, I was going to suggest that she make her own. This could be a fun project--help her find some magazine pictures she can cut out and glue on (or find pictures online).


I think Dianne Craft has phonogram cards with pictures on them--they wouldn't be just vowels though.


AAR Pre-reading has alphabet cards with detailed line-drawings--but you'd have to order them as part of a set--there are rhyming picture cards and other cards that are used with that program (you can get just the cards for $8 by calling the company direct--otherwise they are part of the kit that comes with Pre-reading, and I'm sure that's more than you'd want to spend).


You may be able to google and download something.


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