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Question Babysitting - What Would You Charge


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DD babysits a 2 yo girl for $8 per hour.


Another family wants her to watch, at the same time, a 3 yr old and 6 yr old.   The other family is going to dinner with the first family.  How should she charge for the second family?  Does it make any difference that it is *with* the kid from the first family?


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$24 per hour for all three, no less than $20 per hour. I don't do discounts, can you tell? The two and three year olds are at pretty intense stages. 

This is true, but if they're already pals, they're likely to play with each other, or at least with the same sorts of things, so it should be less work for the sitter than if they're playing at different stages, or if they are relying on her for all entertainment.


I think $12 is on the low end.  $15 would seem about right to me.  It's not quite like two separate sitting jobs, but it's more than her usual one sitting job.

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