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I'm back... Gone for a few years as last ds went to public high school. Now, for his last year he's home - his choice. Ack! Where to begin, again... I AM excited, just taking some time to wrap my head back in the game. His last needed subjects are English 4, prob/stats, Econ & U.S. Gov...any advice? He's been taking honors and CP classes. The aforementioned were going to be honors classes except probability & statistics if he stayed in public school.

Thx in advance,


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As you can see I'm not a great keeper upper of the posts/threads/boards.... I thought I posted to the HS board but cannot find it so probably did not. I'll do that now. Just can't get over how popular this site has become. I was a member way back before they changed it to this format. Then learned the new format, soon after my last ds went to public high school. That's when I dropped off until now. He's home for the last year, go figure!?


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