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AoPS sequence to coordinate with Science ... What to do next?

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My ds13 is finishing up AOPS Algebra 1 this summer and he will be starting the equivalent of 8th grade in the fall.


I would like to have him start Physics, which I understand requires very strong Algebra.


Would doing additional Algebra prepare him much more for Physics ... or is having a good grasp on Algebra 1 sufficient? 


Any thoughts will be appreciated.




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He can start Hewitt's conceptual physics in 8th. If he has done that he could start algebra-based physics. You can look at the recommended resources for AP Physics 1 & 2 in this pinned thread for reference.



I find a basic review of trigonometry useful but not essential as physics textbooks would review sine, cosine and tangent in the chapter that needs it.

E.g http://lshsstem.weebly.com/uploads/3/9/1/4/39145399/phy_1_trig_for_physics.pdf


You won't need AoPS intermediate algebra to start physics. Whether it would be better to wait, I don't know since my kids like physics and won't be willing to wait. We just revise the math as needed when my kids aren't sure about the math in physics

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