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Renal failure leads to renal studies

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One of our beautiful Ragdoll cats is currently recovering from major renal surgery, following renal failure last week. What a week...


Being follow-your-nose type homeschoolers, we're now delving into understanding the mammalian renal system.


I've sourced the following but welcome any other ideas:


- Khan Academy

- Crash Course


I'd particularly love some hands-on activities, if possible. I feel like we've been doing a lot of book work recently and we're ready to get our hands dirty again.

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Oh, and I hope your kitty does well! We have one who just went on specialty food due to early Kidney disease, and lost one due to renal failure when DD was 3 (our vet had to give DD's stuffed dragon a quick check up and reassure her that his kidneys were fine. She was very concerned).


I will say that a good comparative vertebrate anatomy textbook has been invaluable here for such questions. So has a lot of model magic to make models :).

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Great idea about a dissection - thanks!


We have a great local supplier who gets organs especially for schools for dissection. We got a pig heart and lungs a couple of years back. It was excellent.


My daughter isn't at all squeamish, but she had an issue with the smell. No surprises there ... http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/612312-i-cant-think-because-my-hand-is-too-stinky/


We have two Ragdoll cats and both have kidney issues. One has hypercalcemia and is on daily meds + special diet.

And our second is the one with the current surgery. She now has a prosthetic ureter - who knew such a thing existed for cats?? So glad they do though, because I still have my beautiful snuggle cat with me.


So sad to hear you lost one to renal failure. Apparently it is very common but that doesn't ease the grief.


Thanks so much for your help, as always.

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