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Understanding ITBS results

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I'm trying to understand some results for an ITBS Level 16 test. This was a Grade 10 test taken in 1992. I'm hoping to use this as a baseline to hopefully correlate to a panel of testing recently to evaluate potential Traumatic Brain Injury. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


Reading Comp: GE - 140, NCE - 68, SS - 201, NPR - 81


Math: GE - 155, NCE - 77, SS - 205, NPR - 90


Writing: GE - 139, NCE - 70, SS - 204, NPR - 83


Using Sources: GE - 175, NCE - 83, SS - 227, NPR - 94


Basic Composite: GE - 156, NCE - 77, SS - 209, NPR - 90


Applied Proficiency: RS - 49

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The most helpful thing in that list is NPR - National Percentile Rank. That means, out of 100 typical test-takers that year, how many did this person do better than?


This test-taker did above average:


Reading Comprehension: 81st percentile = better than 81 out of 100, good

Math: 90th percentile, top 10%

Writing: 83rd percentile, better than 4 out of 5, good

Using Sources: 94th percentile, very good


Basic Composite: 90th percentile, top 10% overall, looking at the various tests together.


Applied Proficiency: RS - 49 - I don't know what this one means, sorry.

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In addition to what whitehawk said, since, in general, achievement test results are very well correlated with intelligence test scores, these percentile rank scores could be used as a reasonable proxy for IQ if no actual IQ score exists.  

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Thanks whitehawk and EKS. That is good info. The percentile I was familiar with. I have had MANY head traumas/concussions, but growing up in the late 80's/early 90's, it seems the adults thought if you were playing football in the street and your head bounced off the asphalt, that you had a hard head. :(


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