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GPA as of 11th Grade?


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DD will be doing dual enrollment her senior year, so her weighted GPA will be increasing.  But I guess I just now realized that we will be applying before she will have those grades.


So if she has a 3.7 right now, does that mean she can't apply for scholarships that would require a 3.8, even though she SHOULD have that or higher after 12th grade?


Ugh.  This didn't occur to me.


(Sorry for multiple posts, every time I think I'm figuring it out, some other quirk comes up.)

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What exactly is the wording on the scholarship rules? I'd be surprised if 11th grade GPA was the deciding factor instead of final HS GPA.


Well, one scholarship I saw did say "as of 11th grade".  That is what made me start wondering.  But if her GPA now is 3.7, and we are applying to schools in the fall of this year, we would be submitting her current GPA, right?  So do you update that information after the fall semester?  


And also, wouldn't that be pointless, to apply for a scholarship where the minimum GPA requirement is 3.8 or 9, but here's a transcript with 3.7?  Or, what about automatic scholarships.  When you get your acceptance and finanical award amount, would that be based on the GPA when you applied, the 3.7, or whatever you updated them with, perhaps after the fall semester?


A lot of the schools seems to have earlier deadlines, since the FAFSA will be open in October now instead of January.

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Many automatic scholarships use the GPA at admission and you only qualify if you get the application in by a certain date usually in the Fall. It is possible that they will still give her the scholarship if she raises her GPA during her senior year, but you'd have to read all the rules (or ask) to find out. Each college and each scholarship is different.


After applying, many additional scholarship applications are due in December through January/February. So if her GPA is higher based on her 1st semester, that would help with these.


Is it possible that a summer class - maybe something easy - would raise her GPA enough to be able to round it up to a 3.8?  Or maybe she could do some additional work this summer to bring up the grades of a home school course or two  that she took this year?  Or maybe even take a dual credit course this summer?


Also, not all colleges use the weighted GPA. Or they use it for some things and not for others. It all depends on the college.




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Our state flagship requires a 3.8 for scholarships and that is firm but at a visit the admissions folks added that students had all of senior year to raise it. So in that case your dd would apply for admission and the scholarship would come later when the GPA met requirements.


I am sure this is something that varies from school to school so definitely check. We have private schools here that allow ACT for scholarship purposes all the way through summer as well. Definitely worth checking.

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