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Embracing my son's love of screen time!


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I would like to tap into his love of being on an iPad or a computer by adding a couple of learning things online. Something at a 3rd/4th grade level.


Beginning coding would be nice.


He already does Teaching Textbooks for math and uses the Times Tales DVD daily. 



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Look up the programming language called Scratch.  https://scratch.mit.edu/


Two of my middle sons are having a blast with it this summer.  My husband is a computer guy and he started to tell them they could play with scratch for as long as they wanted every day.  I stopped him from making that declaration!  But they are spending quite a bit of time on it and, according to my husband, it's a great way to learn how to program.  They are making all kinds of little games and just having fun but have made some really neat things.

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MCT Language Arts levels 1-3 are now ibooks! 


DreamBox for math practice. Prodigy too, but I like DreamBox better (more work, less time spent on extra stuff). DragonBox too.


Any ebook or PDF version of a curriculum.  My DS used the iPad to read his PDF version of RSO Bio 2 this year.  Older DD used it with Life on Earth ibook.  But any program like MM that uses a PDF file you can do on the iPad instead of on paper (using an app like Notability).




MindSnacks foreign language, or Duolingo.


There are lots of little apps that can be used to reinforce things too.





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