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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

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I have cramps and insomnia.  Ah the joys of perimenopause.


I promised myself I would get my life together today, our first full week of summer.


-straighten up kitchen

-laundry (at least 5 loads)   XX

-clean out school room and papers from co-op

-exercise (legs and abs)

-shower and get ready

-take oldest to football strength and conditioning at 5 pm

-dinner at 7:30 (pork tenderloin, potatoes, vegetable)

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well, the kid was up in the early hours of the morning, so I sent him back to bed at 6:30. It's now nearly ten and he is fast asleep. So our day has radically altered:

- have to go shop for swimming flippers, go to the post office to send something that has to go today, not tomorrow, no today it really does

- Japanese lesson for the boy while I indulge in a manicure and shellac polish

- home for some swimming practice with Dad

- early bed for all


Luckily we are in a period where most outside activities have ended so if we miss mostly 'school' today I know we will have time to catch up this week.


eta: oh, and of course there was laundry. Always laundry. Two loads today.

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Sick baby kinda throws a wrench in things...listening to the sound of vomiting in the wee hours of the morning does not set a good tone for the day.


Cleaned kitchen

School (for oldest three)

Extra laundry (sheets/blankets from little sickies bed).

More planning, a bit more organizing.

Board Meeting/Scouts


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Good morning

- get girls and I up and dressed- done

- dd1 track and field day- done

- pick dd1 up from bus/school- got her from school

- nap????- tried but no

- tidy house- done enough

- finish folding and putting away laundry

- dinner- done

- baths/showers

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- fixed dd1's bean bag chair

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To Jean and to those dealing with insomnia/cramps and vomiting little ones, I just said a little prayer for you all!


Letting the teens sleep in because once the workmen start getting here this week, they'll be up at 8 every a.m.  (usually summer is for sleeping in!)


Breakfast school



Work some more on prepping the master bedroom for the big reno - so many years of clutter packed into our closet!  I need my own reality tv show!

14 yo has a scouts outdoor skills program this afternoon, thankfully I am not one of the chaperones!  But it looks like nice weather for it.

17 yo has physical trainer (I think - the trainer has been out of town for 2 weeks but I am pretty sure he's back today.)

This evening babysit little baby for his mom while she goes to her class


Dinner - veggie fried rice

I think 14 yo has Oliver! rehearsal tonight - must check on that.


Updated:  I completely forgot that I have studying to do of my own today.  Ay yi yi.  I got behind in my reading last week because I kept forgetting to do it!  I am too distracted by everything else in my life and so not used to having my own school work to do.  

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Good Morning, all!


We are back from the mountains and expecting a house guest tomorrow, so lots to do. It was restful to have a week totally out of our routine and kids had a blast at camp. I definitely feel in summer mode now. 


My list:


YNAB and bill paying

Call AT&T - who seem to be incapable of sending us a bill on time or to the correct email address.  Got it fixed after 20 minutes on hold and 15 or so on the phone. CS person acted as though she was doing me a favor by removing late charges for bills we never received. 

Filing and generally tidy desk area. 


Weed veggie and herb gardens

Weed side flower bed?

Plan menus and make grocery lists

Trim hedges? This may be a bit too ambitious for today!

Plant annuals at mailbox.

Aldi, Trader Joe's and possibly Kroger

Parent -Teacher store


Wash dog bed.

Walk the dog.

Library - remember ILL book!

Take kids to the pool?


dinner - black bean casserole, slaw, fruit



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Good morning! Complicated day today with car arrangements and ds3's tennis starting. Hopefully, I will be able to find time for the grocery store before 9pm.


To do:

Head in to pick up ds3 and take him to tennis

Drop off rental car and walk home

Clean house and call A/C guy to fix brand new A/C unit


Party planning

More driving later

Grocery store at some point


Have a great day!

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Good Morning!


Jean  :grouphug:  hope you're back up to speed soon!  Med changes are the worst! 


Everyone else who's under the weather...hope you can find time to rest today and feel better asap! 



pack up some stuff


cook dinner 

rest 1 hour today


Have a good day everyone! 

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Faithr, thanks for the prayers.


I think I'm adjusting to the med.  At least I hope that I am, because I have a busy day today.  For some reason it has caused my bloodsugars to go out of control, despite that not being a known side effect.  It just means that I have to be more diligent at testing and making good food choices. 

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Weed for 1.5 hours in the garden



Register older kids for homeschool classes


The house is clean, we had company yesterday.

The laundry is pretty much done. (Gasp!)

We weeded and now it's getting hot.



I can't believe I'm saying this - what will I do with the rest of my day???


I love summer.


Nowhere to go and no "have-to" list on so many days! 



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I forgot to mention that I was sick over the weekend, and still have stomach pain.  So that means I am tired, especially after working most of the night.  But I have to be productive.


Today I have some projects due, plus we were supposed to close on a big transaction, but it doesn't look like we're ready for that.  Last Friday, a client called us with a big emergency report the government demanded by this Wednesday.  As my mom used to say, there is no rest for the weary.  :)


Something has to give, so I gave up on cleaning "properly" for the maids.  I finished the downstairs, and about half of the upstairs, and I give up.  My kids' rooms are not lovely.  I'm not even going to let the maids into my room.  :P  It wouldn't be so bad if my kids hadn't just brought home a truckload of crap from school last week.  I did go through it all and throw a bunch out etc., but I have piles of stuff that is still useable, and I have to organize it and put it away.  Hmm, I guess I could just pile the crap on my bed, but right now I just don't feel like it.  Maybe after some more coffee....

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-1 chapter from our read aloud

-phonics with ds5

-start laundry

-call speech therapist

-give up on accomplishing anything else today

-realize it's not even noon yet and those kids still expect me to be able to function


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It's been a busy Monday, but I still need to finish up a couple things, so I'm posting here to have some accountability.



helped dd18 register for college classes at 2am

lunches/everyone off to school

back to bed for a tiny bit more sleep

kitchen clean up

laundry clean up

laundry x2

call dd22 to wish a happy birthday

ordered one more gift for dd22

tidy up the house

Target run for a couple things

order grad announcements for dd18


to do:

*these are the two things I really really need to do now instead of laying down to take a rest...so tired from our 2am registration party:

send violin invoices 


ask ds to mow the lawn

get gas for mower

laundry repair man will hopefully stop by before violin lessons

violin lessons x3 - my last lessons here - moving at the end of June




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