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Help me with a sentence?

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Ack - I'm working on DS's portfolio and I need to put a sentence in about switching from MM to BA. Last year, he completed MM 3 A&B and this year we started with MM 4a, while supplementing with BA 3A. Then we reversed and finally just did BA because it was such a good fit for DS. 


The "problem" is that we have to show progress each year and technically I did a 3rd grade math program 2 years in a row. I need to add a sentence explaining that while BA was a 2nd year of 3rd grade math, that he did get something out of it and did make a lot of progress in math. 


Every time I start, I end up with 2 paragraphs and less is more with these portfolios. 


Help? Thank you!!!

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How about something like:


Since Johnny started the year working two [or whatever it was] grades ahead in math, we ended up switching to Beast Academy, a program designed for gifted math students that offers a more appropriate level of challenge for him.

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I might incorporate all or part of this quote from the BA website:


"Beast Academy materials cover the core fundamentals and then go well beyond these basics to present material at a deeper and more challenging level than a typical elementary-school math curriculum."





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After beginning our year with MM4 as our primary math program and BA3 as a supplement, we recognized that DS thrived on the level of challenge offered by the more difficult BA program, which is a math program designed to prepare gifted mathematics students for a rigorous pre-algebra course after 5th grade.  Maybe?  I always have trouble paring down my writing, so I can sympathize.

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