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Needing (Art History) suggestions

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I need suggestions for a Sophmore in highschool who needs to Art History over the summer. Are there any good DVD's out there that will prep kids getting them ready for an Art History AP class? Also, are there any free website videos that teach this that will give students a better understanding of Art History?

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The Annotated Mona Lisa is a good introduction to art history. The Art for Dummies is an overview of styles and eras. I have the Gardner books, they are college level. They are very good - just detailed. I used them my Junior and Senior year as an art ed major. I would recommend getting a college textbook for an Intro to Art class or an Art Apprec class.  I have an old one called Understanding Art, and a high school art textbook from Glencoe called Art in Focus. My books are old. The Great Courses descriptions look good for art history. Your local library might have some of these or something similar. I think the Usborne books are too simplified for preparing for the AP exam. Sometimes second hand stores have old art books from college students.  Another thought: have you checked iTunes university? It you have an apple product, you might have access to some of these lectures. I would also do some random searches on youtube.


A few months ago, I came across a website called "dreamingspires." It is an art history/writing course for high school students. They might have something else specifically along the lines of what you are looking for. I have yet to find a self paced online course for homeschooled students for art history.

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