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s/O Farting in Yoga Class


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Saw this and thought of the farting thread. I don't know which is worse. I do know that it is especially embarassing when you are doing a private lesson and the teacher is only 2 ft from you.


(adult content)





I guess one's best hope is that it's like forgetting to 'groom' for an OB/GYN appointment where you hope it's true that the doctor really HAS seen everything and won't notice!


I get so gassy whenever I'm pregnant - like bending down to tie a toddler shoe, or even just scootching out of restaurant bench seat. And my horn toots loudly and proudly. My kids are good about letting me blame them for that when we're in public LOL. If we're at home they groan and throw stuff at me. I still blame them. My body was a vessel of perfection before I started sharing it with them!

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