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Anyone Familiar / Experienced with GaVS?

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Hi everyone,


I was wondering if anyone has experience with GaVS - particularly with the science, Latin, or modern language classes?  If so, what did you think - do they offer quality classes and did your kids enjoy them? 


If anyone has experience with the level I HS language classes, did you have the impression they would be too advanced for a 7th grader? 


Thanks in advance for any input.  :)

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My dd has taken English 9 and Latin I through GAVS. I thought the Latin was pretty good. I didn't feel they did enough writing in the English 9 class because there were always alternate options such as doing a powerpoint presentation (and my dd would always choose those until I put my foot down!). But, what I really want to tell you is that you can see the courses pretty much in their entirety by looking at the shared resources http://www.gavirtuallearning.org/Resources/WLResources/WLShared/SharedLatin1.aspx  The shared resources don't have the tests, but everything else was identical to the course content.

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