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Architectural Interest-need suggestions.

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My nephew is a very bright yet completely bored 9th grade public school kid. He has become so apathic towards school, not caring about grades, teachers, students, nothing. The one thing he mentions wanting to explore more is architecture, the art and history as well as engineering aspects. He is a former Lego fanatic. Can anyone recommend independent activities, books, classes, competitions, or camps? They live in Oregon, near Portland. Thank you.

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Books to borrow from library if he hasn't read them


The Lego Architect



LEGO Architecture: The Visual Guide



Try out this for computer drawing

Sketchup (free version)



Also draw, draw and draw out his ideas :)


Also he should read this article if he has not done so


"What does it look like to own 250,000 Lego bricks? Take a tour of a US architect's basement complete with custom-built shelves and IKEA bins to hold and display his massive Lego collection."


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I found these resources for my nephew who lives in Oregon, maybe it can help someone else too. 


Resources from colleges:

University of Oregon offers a great Architecture program, check out the various degree programs.

A summer visit to the University of Oregon's Architecture Open House (by appointment) may offer some insight into their programs as well.  


MOOC --many courses in architectural history/art/design.  


Summer Camp: 

University of Oregon-Design Camp--open now but $900+ July/ in Portland

University of Oregon Architecture  Applications were due in early spring, so another year. This is an expensive camp but you earn 8 college credits, no age requirement or admissions were stated.


Portland School of Architecture and Allied Arts (I think a branch of U of O) is hosting an Open House exhibiting student work on June 2 from 6-9pm. Look for more Open House dates.


Explore Online Skill Building Options:

What's the Big Idea-student driven designs/competitions



Books that might be of interest:

Amazon List geared towards teens


TED Talks on Architecture --interesting ideas & people


Helpful Organizations:

Architects in Schools ---A group of architects--This program is geared towards elementary kids however if a teen called/wrote them, I believe they would be happy to encourage your interests and offer support/advice on resources/activities to becoming an architect.

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You mentioned Lego and Architecture in the same statement :) It's not cheap, but there are several architecture buildings that Lego does. Maybe he could get a hold of some of those sets, build them, and research the actual buildings/builders? Frank Lloyd Wright comes to mind. I know Lego has kits for Falling Water House and The Guggenheim Museum.

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