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Quality Science Labs Microchem kit: Any BTDT tips?

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We are going to use the Microchem Kit Standard Edition from Quality Science Labs next year. I would love to hear any BTDT experiences. Which labs did you do? All of them? Any other tips?


I have to give a shout-out to Quality Science Labs for superb customer service. They went out of their way to help me with the necessary paperwork. 



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My daughter used the MicroChem kit.  She's graduated from college now, so I don't know if it has changed at all.  It had seventeen labs.

I found the experiments to be fairly easy to perform; there were a few where her results went counter to how they "ought" to have gone but such is life (and science!). The kit is truly self contained with only a couple of needed additional materials (i.e., distilled water, a voltmeter). We used a burner rather than purchasing an alcohol lamp.

The kit is lacking as regards the writing of lab reports. Most of the labs require data to be collected and have questions to be answered; however, there is no lab report per se.


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We used their MicroPhySci kit this year, and I was pretty pleased with it. Just about everything was included, and it came with a nice lab book for the student.


We also used the MicroPhySci kit this year -- it is a great kit.  The lab book is very nice, with answers at the back for checking.  Judging from the quality of this kit, I would definitely get the MicroChem kit in the future.


eta:  We did every single lab included in the kit.  In fact, we are just going to be doing our last lab from the kit tomorrow and we will be finished.  They were all worthwhile.  I just went through our physical science textbook and matched up the labs to the chapters we were on, and we performed the labs accordingly.

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