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Okie St vs TPS German?

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I don't imagine anyone will have tried them both...but any thoughts on comparing the two options?

(this is for DS, entering 9th grade this coming year).


So far, from what I can tell:




OS - all materials are from their website (videos, recordings, printable worksheets)

OS - daily things assigned to do. 

OS - (optional?) 15 min/ week tutoring session. 

OS - $250, including all materials.

OS - German 1- IV + AP


TPS - uses a std text (Sag Mal)

TPS - looks like it's once a week?  Weekly list of items to do?

TPS - 2 hr / week combined classroom + tutoring?  extra 1.5hr/week for 150$.

TPS - $488 + Text (~150?) which you can use for all 3 years

TPS - German I-III

anything else between the two?  Anyone have opinions on the text used by TPS or the materials used in the OS program?  I'm concerned a bit about the limited amount of time spent speaking/listening on the OS program - interested in your experience with that pro or con.
How about for a 7th grader?  She's interested, but probably not diligent enough to keep up with a HS-paced language course.  TPS offers a half-paced class (German 1A in a year).  I wonder how it would go for her doing OS, just at a slower pace?


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We've used TPS for French (along with the supplemental conversation class) and we've been very happy with it.


Not sure about the 9th grader, but for the 7th grader, I would opt for TPS over OS. She's younger, and it seems like something specifically geared for students her age would be more optimal. From your signature, it looks like she's doing AoPS Alg 1, so she must be a bright and competent student. TPS's regular German 1 might even be an option for her.


The other, major advantage to TPS is the live speaking opportunity. Unless one is just checking the "three years of a foreign language box" (which is perfectly reasonable for some students!), the opportunity to actually use a modern language in spoken conversation is pretty critical.  On the other hand, if you know German, or if you know people locally who do, maybe you or they could provide the conversation piece to supplement the OS program.


Another advantage to TPS is that you will keep moving forward. For me, the risk of doing some course at half-pace is that I might drag it out even longer. But, that might not be an issue for your dd.


Is there an advantage to OS, other than the cost?  And, actually, if you end up needing a tutor to provide the conversation component to the basic OS cost, that's going to add up fast.  I'd definitely go with TPS, assuming the teacher has good reviews.

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