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Please kickstart my research .... history, lit and bible

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I need to start researching 9th grade history, literature and bible (edited to add: I've found something for bible). 


I'm interested in world history/geography. 


I don't mind if these three subject are combined or not. 


I want a clear schedule (preferably daily plans) and lots of help for the teacher (ie. answers).  


We are finishing up CLE grade 8's bible and reading. Reading will be completed during the summer. 


For history I've been assigning books and written narrations. I haven't been very good at choosing books, keeping on schedule or pre reading the books.


I'm on a budget but I'm prepared to spend if it's worthwhile.  


Any recommendations?   

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My 10th grader used Notgrass's Exploring World History (2014 edition) this year. It combines Bible, history, and literature. We only used it for history, plus a touch of the literature. Pricey, but if you're going to use it for all three courses, not too bad. Review questions, quizzes and tests already prepared, with answers.


Erica in OR

I looked at that at the convention, and it sure did look nice!

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