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Is adding Famous Men to VP MARR Overkill?

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I'm mostly thinking for older dd. Though ds probably could use bits and pieces-- even just for narrations. They will be 6th and 4th. Ds will be using TC and some BW for writing so not a super heavy writing year. Older dd is doing WWS 1 with WTMA. I don't want to overwhelm them, but I want them to get the most out of it as well.

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I think if you read them outloud it would be a great supplement. If you try to add it as an additional study- probably too much.




Yes I am thinking reading it aloud, and even using the student workbook mostly as oral discussion.



Looking at your signature I'll assume self-paced online and not diy VP. Does self-paced use the history cards? The MARR cards schedule Famous Men in for you.


From what I remember of the online history I can't imagine adding Famous Men making it too thick.

Yes we are using the self paced online, which uses the cards. I had forgotten about Famous Men being scheduled on the cards, thanks! We could just cover the ones that VP covers making it even more manageable...

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I am planning on using famous men next year. I think there are around 36 stories in it so we will just read one a week. I used famous men this year with OT/AE. I had planned on skipping NT/GR so I covered Greece and Rome separately by SOTW audio in the car and reading the Famous Men Books. It ended up being a very heavy history year but I feel like there is so much to cover with ancient history so I don't regret it at all. Some days the Famous Men story would take the place of their assigned literature reading. I skip the literature books veritas press does and do our own thing for literature. 

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Maybe you could add it as a read aloud or as an independent reader? I'm not sure I'd do the study guide, but that's just my approach. Whenever we have used MP study guides, we have done most of the work orally, and have been free to cross out anything that feels (to us) like busywork. But if the purpose of reading Famous Men is to learn, then it is a worthwhile resource to add in. HTH.


I'm planning 6th & 4th/4th (twins) this summer, too. Time flies, doesn't it? :grouphug:

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